Descrição do Projeto

The 4 C’s Tourism Destination Competitiveness – Matrix Validation through the Content Validity Coefficient

june 2020

The creation of the 4 C’s Matrix of Tourism Destination Competitiveness aimed to consolidate and organise research questions about the area or areas in which tourist destinations should concentrate their attention. To consolidate the Matrix, 4 phases (preliminary, preparation, test and evaluation) were completed.

In the preliminary phase, a theoretical review on the Tourism Destinations Competitiveness Matrices was carried out; in the preparation phase we used the Delphi method inviting experts in the area of economy and tourism to contribute with their experiences in the construction of the survey instrument; in the test phase we validated the questionnaire through the Content Validity Coefficient; in the evaluation phase a non-probabilistic approach was used, i.e. a convenience sample to obtain answers from tourists, residents and destination managers.