Descrição do Projeto

Conferência ICRESH Lisboa – 2020

5 e 6 de junho de 2020 (Online)
Competitiveness of Tourist Destinations Theoretical Study of the Main Models
“Since the early 1990s, several models have been developed to study and analyze the Competitiveness of Tourist Destinations (CTD).The importance of using models that allow results focused on destination performance and real-time access to results by decision makers and managers is fundamental; this premise has motivated us to study in depth the scope and applicability in time and space of each of the 9 models analyzed (1. Crouch e Ritchie (1999); 2. Dwyer e Kim (2003); 3. Enright e Newton (2004); 4. Gooroochurn e Sugiyarto (2005); 5. Fórum Mundial (2007); 6. Mazanec, Wöber e Zins (2007);  7. Hong (2008); 8. Kim (2012); 9. Cvelbar e al. (2016).”