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The 4 C’s Tourism Destination Competitiveness Matrix the Construction of the Matrix Through the Delphi Panel

November 2020

The creation of the “4 C’s Tourism Destination Competitiveness Matrix” aimed to consolidate and organise questions about the area or areas in which tourist destinations should focus their attention, from the point of view of competitiveness analysis. To consolidate this new model, or matrix, 4 phases were completed: preliminary, preparation, test and evaluation.

In the preliminary phase, a literature review was carried out on the main theoretical models for TDC analysis. In the preparation phase, the Delphi method was used, inviting experts in the field of economics and tourism to contribute with their experiences in the construction of the survey instrument; in the test phase, the questionnaire was validated through the Content Validity Coefficient or CVC; in the evaluation phase, a non-probabilistic approach was used, i.e., a convenience sample to obtain answers from tourists, residents and destination managers.

This article presents the development of the referred matrix preparation phase using the Delphi method. Based on properly structured surveys, the new matrix allows for the information collected to be divided into 4 sets or dimensions: capacity, competence, communication and creativity. It is considered that the use of the Delphi panel was one of the fundamental steps for the successful creation of the “4 Cs Tourism Destination Competitiveness Matrix”. This new instrument is intended as an agile and less complex approach in the analysis of tourism destination competitiveness.

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